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October 2005 Newsletter

Halloween Party
A flyer accompanying this newsletter provides information about the annual Halloween party planned for 4 PM, Monday, October 31 on Moss Wood Lane. This party has become an eagerly-awaited occasion for neighbors and kids to get together and have fun. Lori Boerner and a committee of volunteers are organizing the affair and need some additional folks to help, including teenagers (who can receive community service credit at school). Call her at 538 1711 if you can help.

CWCA Directory
Association Secretary Alice Chambers has begun preparation of an updated directory which she hopes to publish before December. Block captains are being asked to send her the listing information for new residents and to identify those who have left. New arrivals not in the current directory and those having changes to make in their current listings are asked to get their listing data (address, phone number, e-mail address) preferably to their block captains (a neighbor may be able to identify your block captain) or directly to Alice at or 1431 Woodacre Dr. We want to make the directory as complete and accurate as possible. (Note for residents of Balsam and Crestwood: Carol Browne is now the block captain for Route 12.)

Snow removal
Roger Nucho, our dedicated snow-removal manager, is negotiating a new contract with provisions similar to those of last year. For the info of new residents, we pay to have our streets plowed early because we would otherwise have to wait a couple of days or more for the state plows to get to us. Plowing will begin within two hours after snow accumulation has reached two inches. All roads will be plowed to a width of ten feet, after which our through streets will be widened to 14 feet. For icy conditions sand will be applied as needed on steep slopes and major intersections. Critical storm drains will be marked by white poles with red barber-pole stripes so that snow-plow drivers will not cover up the drains; please leave these in place if you see them.

The most important thing that residents can do when snow is forecast is to park cars off the street so the plowing can be done efficiently. If that is not possible, please park all cars on one side of your street.

Security incidents
Since the March newsletter a number of incidents have occurred. All were reported previously in e-mail notices. Several cars were broken into at night in March and May (some were unlocked) and a few items were stolen from them, including some radios. In August and September a number of mailboxes were damaged on Hardwood and Oakdale. A mid-afternoon burglary attempt near Highwood and Woodacre was thwarted in August when the security alarm sounded after the burglar cut a screen and tried to jimmy a second-floor window. Recently a young girl riding her bicycle reported that a man in an old pickup followed her slowly down Forest Lane, Calla, Brookside and part-way into Bermuda Court, where she entered a driveway seeking refuge, after which the pickup turned around and drove away. The parents notified police and an officer came to investigate. Another young girl, recently operating a lemonade stand at Dahlia and Calla, reported to her parents that a man in a car stopped to buy lemonade and exposed himself when she took him his lemonade. Police came to investigate when notified.

We want to increase the frequency of our security patrols during periods when children are out playing, but we need more volunteers for patrol duty. Please contact Virginia Dillon at 536 8729 or Ione Braswell at 536 1681 if you can drive on patrol for two hours a few times a year.

Residents are once again advised to report all crime incidents or suspicious activity promptly to the police at 691 2131, then to Tim Daley, our Security Coordinator, at 241-0054 or

New arrivals
We warmly welcome those who have moved into our Chesterbrook Woods community during the past year. We invite you to join our citizens' association by paying the annual dues, which provide the funds for supporting things such as snow removal (our largest expense), security patrols, newsletters, the directory of residents and other administrative functions. The dues for 2005 are $15 per household for those who arrived before July 1 and $7.50 for those who moved in after that date. Dues for 2006 will be set by vote of association members at our members' meeting next March. Send your dues payment, payable to CWCA, to our Treasurer Charles Hoyt at 1532 Woodacre Drive. We are still hoping that some long-time residents who have not yet paid the 2005 dues of $15 will come forward soon with their payments.

Emergency Planning
We all need to take this subject seriously. CWCA member Jim Talens, as a member of one of several Community Emergency Response Teams in the northern Virginia area, would like to share with residents the list of items below as a minimum package to prepare in advance for an emergency. There are other items some of us might want to add. (For example, some folks have small generators that can power their furnace blowers, refrigerators, freezers and a few lights in case of an extended power outage.) For more detailed information and suggestions go to

Water (one gallon per person per day) Canned or packaged food
Battery-powered radio First Aid kit
Flashlight Can opener
Extra batteries Toiletries
Blankets or sleeping bags Prescription medications
Special items for infants, elderly or disabled persons Important documents in waterproof container
N95 masks for everyone (in Home Depot or other stores)  

Other information
Bill Stephens of 5843 Aspen Wood Court has joined the Board of Directors of the McLean Citizens Association (MCA), representing CWCA. The MCA works to develop positions and make recommendations on issues of interest to McLean residents and businesses. We can expect Bill to provide us with occasional reports about MCA activities and to consult with CWCA officers when appropriate.

Cici Williamson and her husband John Kelly of 6025 Chesterbrook Road are offering to organize a group of neighborhood residents who would cooperate in providing each other with transportation to and from local airports in a reciprocal arrangement, saving the cost of taxi fares. They have some ideas on how to make it work. You are invited to inform Cici at 533 0066, Fax 533 0589 or if you would like to participate in such an arrangement.

Elizabeth Ende on Laburnum reports the following: Alex Riedy, an 8th-grader living in Chain Bridge Forest and a volunteer for the Fairfax County Trails and Streams, is organizing for the morning of Saturday, October 29 a group of interested trail walkers to clean up the Stromans Branch trail and move a short section of the Pimmit Run trail uphill away from the stream because of erosion. He invites interested CWCA folks to join the group. Call him at 533 7237 or send e-mail to

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