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Useful Information

Below you will find links to other pages of useful information pertinent to Chesterbrook Woods citizens.

Action Numbers
Lists of important phone numbers for police, emergencies, recycling, etc.

Map of Chesterbrook Woods

Recreation Facilities

McLean Citizens Association (MCA)
"The Voice of McLean"   MCA is an unofficial town council for the residents of this area, which has no govenrmental structure of its own. It provides a forum in which all McLean residents can discuss ways to resolve community problems and county-wide issues affecting the area. CWCA has a representative to the MCA.

Recycling: Recyclables are picked up on Fridays but they must be placed out separately from your trash. For more information on what can be recycled and how, go to:

Information on public, private, and parochial schools serving our neighborhood and easy, painless ways to help them.

Trash Collection: In our neighborhood, trash is collected on Friday mornings beginning around 6:00 am. For more information on what the county will pick up and what it won't pick up, go to:

Virginia State Police website provides a listing of Sex Offenders. Once there, you click on the search for Violent Sex Offenders. You can conduct a search of your area by entering your zip code and click on the contiguous area block--which provides your immediate area and any other offenders living nearby. The offenders are listed with photo ID and offense.

Voting Information


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