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March 30, 2004 Newsletter

Report of March 23 Members' Meeting
The CWCA members' meeting was well-attended, with more than 90 members present, and it was productive. After a half-hour of socializing, with refreshments, the business meeting began at 8:00 PM with introduction of each of the fifteen block captains present and recognition of the valuable service these unsung heroes provide.

Our principal speaker, Dranesville District Supervisor Joan DuBois, discussed in some detail the budget problems and tax issues faced this year by the County. In recent public hearings more than 90 persons representing various groups spoke about their need for more funds, while only four speakers appeared to speak in favor of tax reductions. About 53% of the county budget goes to the school system, which prepares its own budget and has asked for a 9.7% increase in funds from the county, a much greater increase than the 4.7% which the County Board has established as a guideline for all other county programs to avoid exceeding the tax revenues expected. Finding solutions will be difficult; but Ms. DuBois said the Board is determined to find them and not to seek additional taxes. Additionally, Ms. DuBois noted the increase in assessed values of residential properties and acknowledged the increasing burden on older residents with limited incomes, a problem which will be further studied in an effort to find a solution. She said the increased assessments are in line with the continued increase in market values of homes and that some county residents are not opposed to the increases because they help support higher sale prices for their homes, which many expect to sell in a few years.

Ms. DuBois responded to a number of questions from members and invited residents to contact members of her staff on any questions or issues of concern. (Look on page 3 of your CWCA Directory for phone number.) She also announced the forthcoming initiation of an e-mail newsletter from her office to any Dranesville District resident who wishes to subscribe. (The first issue was circulated March 26. To subscribe for future issues send your e-mail address to You may use that address also to send queries or concerns to Ms. DuBois or her staff.)

Chip Gilliland of Dominion Power gave a report on the actions already taken and those yet to come for the purpose of increasing the reliability of power distribution to Chesterbrook Woods. The final task, now about to start, is to connect our subdivision to the Falls Church substation near Sycamore Street and I-66, with the Maddux Line connection from the Langley substation then placed in a backup status. The company expects these improvements to reduce the number and duration of power outages in the future. Mr. Gilliland offered to respond to any questions or problems from residents who wish to call him at 703 359 3168 or e-mail him at

Approval of 2004 Budget and Dues
Treasurer Charles Hoyt presented the expenses and the dues received for 2003, then presented a proposed budget for budget year 2004, which begins now. The members voted unanimously to approve the proposed budget and to approve 2004 dues of $30 per household to support it. The budget provides for funds for snow removal and sanding, for expenses such as printing, patrol and administrative costs and a reserve to cover additional expenses that might occur in case of heavy snowfall or extended periods of icy streets next winter.

Of course, obtaining the funds to support the budget requires that the great majority of households pay the approved dues amount. A separate letter to all residents accompanying this newsletter requests members to pay dues by May 15 and provides a form for each resident to use in sending the dues payment and updating or providing directory information if required. Note: form in pdf format so you'll need Acrobat Reader to read it. If you don't have it, you can download it free from You may type in the requested information before printing out the letter.

Election of officers
In accordance with our bylaws Brian Wilkerson, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, presented the nominees for this year's officers. The members voted to elect the following officers:

President: Arnold Braswell
Vice President: Kevin Connelly
Treasurer: Charles Hoyt
Secretary: Alice Chambers

Roger Nucho, Chairman of the snow removal committee, described the improved provisions of our snow removal contract. These will cause a minor increase in cost for plowing and sanding services. He also noted that we have marked some street storm drains with little candy-striped poles that alert snowplow drivers to avoid covering the drains with snow which could result in flooding. These poles will be taken up soon and then re-installed before the next snow season.

Tim Daley reported on the relatively few crime or vandalism incidents during the past year and reminded all to inform the police and then report to him any incidents they experience. He suggested that all residents continue to be careful about keeping doors locked, especially garage doors, and suggested we all continue to be vigilant and report suspicious persons or activities in the neighborhood.

The "gypsy season" is approaching. Some of these are clever about distracting a person working outdoors while a confederate enters the garage or an open door.

As always, volunteers are needed as patrol drivers, monthly patrol schedulers and weekly patrol supervisors. Contact Virginia Dillon or Ione Braswell.

A member asked about publishing a list of teen-agers interested in providing services such as baby sitting, pet care, snow shoveling, leaf raking, lawn mowing, etc. In recent years hardly any teen-agers have offered their names for such lists on our web site or in newsletters. Many residents need such services and would welcome publication of a current list. Teen-agers who wish to earn money in this way are invited to submit their names to Alice Chambers. Include your age, type of service you can offer and your phone number.

Members were informed that the current installation of overhead and underground fiber optic cables by Verizon throughout our community is intended to support new high-speed internet data service and possibly new phone service. The services may be offered later this year.

Kevin Connelly circulated a helpful handout with info he obtained about lead contamination from the Falls Church water utility, which supplies our water. They have periodically tested the water in compliance with the EPA Lead and Copper rule of 1992 and they recently tested over 200 residential properties and schools, finding only two with lead content exceeding the EPA standard of 20 parts per billion. Both were traced to fixtures in the buildings. The City of Falls Church is taking appointments for testing individual homes or do-it-yourself kits can be obtained by calling 248 5071.

E-mail list If you have previously submitted your e-mail address for the master confidential list but did not receive this newsletter by e-mail you should send your current e-mail address to Maureen Hurley so that she can add or correct your address. Some e-mails that she sends to the community have been bouncing back, causing extra detective work which she would prefer to avoid. Don't forget to inform her if you change your address in the future.


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