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February 2005 Newsletter

Membership Meeting
Our important spring meeting of members will be on Monday, March 14 in the cafeteria of the Chesterbrook Elementary School. We will assemble at 7:30 PM for a half hour of socializing, with cookies, coffee and soft drinks available. The business session will begin at 8:00. We are pleased to report that District Supervisor Joan DuBois has agreed to speak about County issues and respond to our questions. Following her presentation we will have introduction of block captains, discussion of security issues, a snow removal report, information on new traffic initiatives, a financial report by the Treasurer, approval of the budget for the coming year, approval of dues for 2005, and nomination and election of officers for 2005. Members may suggest other agenda items to Arnold Braswell by phone.

We need a good turnout to insure proper representation of the membership for the important matters to be voted on. This will be a great opportunity to meet some of your neighbors, ask questions and discuss issues. Recent arrivals in the community are especially encouraged to attend.

Security incidents and issues
In the last few months a number of incidents have been reported. They include three cases of theft from mail boxes, a smashed picture window, an attempted late-night break-in of a car parked on the street, several incidents of mailbox vandalism, and recent discovery of illegal drug paraphernalia in the woods below Copely Lane. There have been no major thefts reported since late last summer when a resident's pickup was taken and never returned by persons offering to re-surface his driveway. Once again, all residents are encouraged to be watchful and to report incidents and suspicious behavior to the police on the non-emergency number (691-2131) listed on Page 3 of your Directory, and then report them to Tim Daley, our security coordinator, at 241-0054. Also, report mail theft or losses to the USPS.

Again we caution all residents to be on guard when solicitors appear at your door. All door-to-door solicitors are required to have in their possession a permit card from the County with photograph. You should ask to see it. If a solicitor does not have it, try to get the person's name and address and then report them to the police.

Updating our website bulletin board
The bulletin board on our website ( has a list of teenagers available for part-time work and a list of contractors reported to have done satisfactory work in our neighborhood. Both of these useful lists need updating. All teenagers who want to be on the updated list should submit or re-submit to before May 1 their names, phone numbers and kinds of work offered. The current list will then be removed and a new list posted. Contractor list entries older than four years will be removed. Residents are encouraged to e-mail to the webmaster all contractors who have provided satisfactory service for them in the last four years.

Scheduling special pick-ups
Residents who have placed their Christmas trees at the curb for pick-up are reminded that they must call the County trash collection office (802-3322) to request a special pick-up. Brush or limbs less than four feet long and tied up in a bundle will be picked up by the regular trash crews on Fridays; limbs longer than four feet but not over six feet will be removed only if you call for a special pick-up. (The six-foot limit does not apply to Christmas trees). Other items for special pick-up must now be separated into one of three categories: metal items, appliances containing refrigerants, or household items that are mostly non-metallic, such as furniture. (More info)

McLean Citizens Association
The Mclean Citizens Association (MCA), an active organization providing a means for citizens to address issues of interest to the McLean community, would like to have a member of CWCA on its Board of Directors, which meets on the first Wednesday of each month. It would be useful to have a member of our community on the MCA Board. Anyone interested in applying is invited to call Arnold Braswell at 536-1681. Applications must be submitted by March 1. You may obtain information about the activities of the MCA Board by calling Debra Howard at 734-2364. Also, Charles Hoyt, our Treasurer at 534-6266, previously served on the MCA Board and can provide insights.

Nomination of CWCA officers
In accordance with the association bylaws members are hereby informed of the CWCA officer nominees for 2005 who have been nominated by the appointed Nominating Committee chaired by Roger Nucho. These nominees will be offered to the members for vote at the members' meeting on March 14. Members may offer other nominees from the floor.

President: Arnold Braswell
Vice-President: Kevin Connelly
Secretary: Alice Chambers
Treasurer: Charles Hoyt
Dranesville District Town Meeting
District Supervisor Joan DuBois will host a Town Meeting on Saturday, March 19 in the Cooper Middle School Cafeteria at 977 Balls Hill Road. Display booths will be open at 9:00 AM and County staff members will be present to provide information on County services. At 10:00 there will be a presentation on the County budget for Fiscal Year 2006. Interested residents are encouraged to attend.

(a) Two residents recently reported seeing a deer with a broken leg in the neighborhood. According to the County animal biologist deer can manage OK on three legs, so a call to the animal control office is not suggested in such cases. The only action the responding officer can take is to kill the animal, which is usually not necessary. New residents are advised that in the County we have a significant population of deer, foxes, raccoons and other animals, including coyotes They should normally be left alone and should not be fed. Coyotes will prey on small pets such as cats, which may be at some small risk if allowed to roam free. Please report any coyote sightings to Tim Daley. Don't mistake a fox for a coyote, which is much larger than a fox.

(b) A resident asks that dog owners be reminded to clean up after their dogs on the lawns of neighbors and to keep dogs, especially big dogs, on a leash when walking them.

(c) Verizon is now offering fiber optic high-speed internet service in our neighborhood, though not yet to all residences. Monthly cost will be $34.95 for the basic service. If interested, call 1-888-250-4747 for more info and to inquire when the service may be available for your residence.

(d) E-mail list: All residents with e-mail would benefit by having their e-mail addresses listed and current on our confidential mailing list. This enables residents to receive our newsletters by e-mail plus timely info messages about incidents, deaths and other happenings or advisories. Your address is not revealed in the e-mail headers. If you're not getting these send your address to Maureen Hurley and update your address if it changes.


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