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February, 2004 Newsletter

MEMBERS' MEETING. On Tuesday, March 23 at 7:30 PM there will be an important meeting of CWCA members in the cafeteria of the Chesterbrook Elementary School. Mark your calendars! Please come! A quorum is required for votes. The agenda for the meeting follows. If a member wishes to propose an additional item for the agenda, please contact association president Arnold Braswell.

7:30 PM - Social hour with coffee, soft drinks and cookies. Come and meet your neighbors and also Joan DuBois, newly-elected Dranesville District Supervisor.

8:00 PM - Recognition of block captains. Our block captains provide an essential service. Those attending the meeting will be introduced and recognized for their valuable contributions. Do you know your block captain? We'll tell you how to identify him or her.

8:10 PM - Remarks by Joan DuBois. She will present her thoughts and insights on Fairfax County issues of importance to all and respond to your questions. This is a good opportunity for members to get acquainted with our new district supervisor.

8:40 PM - Report by Chip Gilliland of Dominion Virginia Power on the project to re-route the electric power flow to Chesterbrook Woods.

8:50 PM - Business session.

  1. Old Business. Reports on security situation and snow removal.
  2. Treasurer Charles Hoyt's report of our financial condition.
  3. Presentation of proposed 2004 budget by the Treasurer. Vote by members.
  4. Recommended dues for 2004. Vote by members.
  5. Election of 2004 Officers. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee will present the Committee's nominees (named below) for officer positions for the coming year. Nominations from the floor may be offered. Members will vote to elect the officers.
  6. New business. An opportunity for members to bring up matters for discussion or vote.

OFFICER NOMINEES: In accordance with the bylaws the President appointed a committee to nominate 2004 officers for election. The committee members are Brian Wilkerson (Chairman), Virginia Dillon and Sally Soltero. The committee unanimously recommends the following nominees for election, all of whom have agreed to serve if elected.

President: Arnold Braswell
Vice-president: Kevin Connelly
Secretary: Alice Chambers
Treasurer: Charles Hoyt

CONTROL OF DOGS: Some residents have recently expressed concern about dogs running loose, a violation of county regulations, sometimes frightening children and sometimes leaving excrement in neighbors' yards. Residents are expected to keep their dogs under control and clean up after them. This is basic courtesy. Also, some residents while asleep are being awakened by dogs barking repeatedly to get back in after being let out during the night. Good neighbors ought to take whatever measures are needed to prevent their dogs from disturbing our peaceful neighborhoods during bedtime hours. A resident is justified in seeking police assistance if a neighbor does not respond adequately to the resident's request to control a dog. Let's hope that won't be necessary.

PATROL SCHEDULERS NEEDED: Volunteer patrol drivers are always needed, but especially needed now are schedulers, the persons who call and enlist volunteer drivers for the designated patrol times for the following month. We need one scheduler for each month, a total of twelve per year. It takes only a few hours spread over a number of days to make the necessary calls and fill up the schedule, and it's a good way to get to know your neighbors. Please call Ione Braswell, or send her an e-mail to volunteer for this needed service during some month in 2004. Also needed are patrol supervisors, volunteers who keep the patrol equipment for a week and issue it to drivers, passing along any information or guidance from our patrol managers. Call Virginia Dillon to volunteer.

TREE TRIMMING: The power company is currently trimming trees near power lines in our community and will be doing so for several weeks. A few residents have objected to the trimming of trees on their properties. All of us should recognize that prudent trimming is essential to reduce the likelihood of outages during severe weather, and the power company has a legal right to trim foliage on the power line easements. Please cooperate. Tree-trimming at lower levels is also being done by Verizon, and two residents have complained that the Verizon crews left all the trimmings in their yards. If trimmings are left behind on your property you should call Verizon and also the office of the Dranesville District Supervisor to complain (356 0551).

E-MAIL LIST: This newsletter is being distributed to all residents in paper copies by block captains and also sent by e-mail to all residents on our confidential e-mail list. If you fail to receive it via e-mail it means you are not on the e-mail list, and you will not be getting the occasional useful e-mail notices and advisories from the CWCA officers. To get on the list, or to change your e-mail address, send a message to or call Maureen Hurley.

REMINDER: If you experience a crime incident of any kind, after you report it to the police please notify our security director Tim Daley. If it is significant he will send an e-mail notice to residents, without disclosing your name or address. Also, remember to drive slowly through our neighborhood streets, and remind your teen-agers to do so. Finally, if a resident you know passes away please inform Arnold Braswell so he can inform the community.

Help wanted: Driver for after-school activities for 2 children, one 5th grader and one 10th grader (Chesterbrook Elementary and McLean HS). Driving is local to McLean and Tysons Corner. Use your car or mine. $ depends on whose car is used. PERFECT FOR TEACHER OR RETIREE! Please contact Chris Stelter (W) 703-245-3655 or (H) 703-534-6450.


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