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We are fortunate to have as a resource a very active email/listerv group called "Hood PlayDates" that is administered by one of our neighbors. It is not an official tool for CWCA but is a network of more than 650 neighbors. The group began in 2004 and has expanded over the years to include other nearby neighborhoods such as Chain Bridge Forest. This Google Group is a great resource for finding just about anything including recommended painters, computer help, dog walkers, house sitters, hairdressers, dentists, plumbers, gardening or lawn services, etc. Neighbors also use this tool to buy and sell furniture, toys, sporting and entertainment tickets, etc. Additionally, this group runs a neighborhood Book Club and a Bunco Club - open to all. Subscribe to this Google Group by sending a blank email to or by emailing Lori Boerner.


In July 2007, large counties from across the country, led by Fairfax County, King County, Wash., and Nassau County, NY, announced the creation of the Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration. The counties pledged to reduce global warming emissions 80% by 2050. In July 2008, McLean Hunt Estates became the first community in Fairfax County to be part of that effort by becoming a "Cool Neighborhood." In order to qualify as a Cool Neighborhood, at least 20% of the neighborhood's households must either reduce their carbon emissions by 2% annually or have a carbon footprint 80% or less of the county average for homes with the same number of people. More information about the program is at:
Contact Rose Wells at 703-538-1008 if you'd like to help qualify Chesterbrook Woods as a "Cool" Neighborhood.



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