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October 2004 Newsletter

Distributed with this newsletter is a flyer announcing the Halloween Party scheduled for October 31 at 2:00 PM in the Autumn Drive circle. Come out and meet your neighbors and watch the kids parade in their costumes. Our thanks to the committee of volunteers, headed by Nicki Watts and Mary Gramaglia, who are organizing the affair.

We will publish a new directory of residents next month, and we want to make sure all residents are included, except for those who decline, and that entries are accurate. Our association Secretary Alice Chambers has sent to block captains a list of the entries she currently has in her data file for each block captain's route and asked each to return the list with corrections. If you are not in the current directory, published in November 2003, or if you have changes to make in your current entry, get the information to your block captain now unless you submitted the information already on the form used for submitting dues. If you don't know your block captain's name, look in a current directory for the route number indicated for your address and then look on page 1 to identify your block captain. The following changes in block captains have been made since the directory was published: Route 1 - Kevin Grady, Route 26 - Diana Lavik. If you can't contact your block captain, send your entry information by e-mail or postal mail to Alice Chambers.

The only recent security incidents we know about are as follows:
Early September: Jewelry reported taken from a home in 1500 block of Forest Lane; reported to police and noted in local newspapers.
Sept 24: Change stolen from unlocked car on Balsam.
Sept 25: Mailbox damaged.
Reminder: Residents should report theft or other crimes to the McLean police at the number shown in the Directory, and then also report them to our Security Coordinator, Tim Daley. Also, don't be reluctant to immediately report suspicious activity or persons to the police.

In November a lot of leaves will fall in our neighborhood. Residents who have signed up for county vacuum leaf pick-up should watch for the scheduled pick-up dates posted on signs or go to the county website for the dates. All others must either place their leaves in bags for county pick-up or arrange for leaf removal by a contractor. Please avoid piling up leaves at the curb and leaving them there indefinitely.

A substantial majority of residents have paid their 2004 dues of $30 ($15 for those who moved in after June 30), thus qualifying them as members of the Chesterbrook Woods Citizens Association. Anyone who has not paid 2004 dues and would like to do so may send a check to our Treasurer, Charles Hoyt. Dues for 2005 will be established at our first members' meeting next year, probably in mid-March.


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