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You can get involved by working at the polls. Fairfax County, the largest county in Virginia needs approximately 2,000 citizens to serve as election officers for the General Election. More Information
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Billing for Emergency Medical Transport Service -- 03/05
On April 1 the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department will begin billing citizens for emergency medical transport services provided by the department. The charges will vary from $300 to $550 per case, depending on the degree of life support provided, plus $7.50 per mile from the patient's location to the emergency room. For a person with health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid the County will bill the appropriate agency for the service and will waive any co-payment or deductible which may apply. No persons will be denied service because of inability to pay.

More information is available on the County web site at

Brush/Bulk Scheduling Notification -- 2/16/05
From Fairfax County Division of Solid Waste
Collection and Recycling

In an attempt to better process the materials you may have when you schedule a special pickup, please note the following changes when scheduling a pickup of these items. When scheduling a special pickup you will be asked the type of item you are placing out for collection. There are four categories of pickups available:

Brush/Limbs - brush means shrubs/tree limbs, under six inches in diameter and under six feet in length with no pieces weighing more than 50 pounds. (No Lumber!)

Freon containing appliances - such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers or window air conditioning units.

Metal appliance and other metal items - such as stove, washer, dryer, metal shelves, etc.

Bulk Material - bulk means household items generally not completely made of metal such as couches, chairs or lumber. These items may be no longer than six feet in length. (No Freon or propane cylinders)

Each of these items must be separated when placed out for pickup. Our crews are required to take these materials to different locations for processing - Metal for recycling - Brush for grinding up for mulch - Freon appliances for Freon removal - Bulk for other disposal. Your separation of these materials at the curbside is required to make this process work. Items mixed together will not be collected.

Is It Trash Or Yard Debris? Can Your Hauler Tell?
    Help ensure that yard debris is recycled and not disposed as trash. Because of a change in the County Ordinance, dark plastic bags may not be used for setting out yard debris. You may set out your grass, clippings and/or leaves in transparent plastic bags, reusable plastic or metal containers, or Kraft paper yard debris bags.
    The ban on using dark colored plastic bags for recyclables helps your hauler see the difference between your trash and your yard debris. For obvious safety reasons, trash collection crews do not open bags to determine the contents. So, if the hauler cannot see that a bag contains yard debris, it might be put in the trash truck!
    Transparent recycling bags and Kraft bags are available at most supermarkets, hardware stores and garden centers. Your trash can still be placed in the opaque plastic bags. If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact your hauler directly.
    Of course, composting and mulching yard debris is still the "greenest" alternative! For easy instructions on how to compost or "grasscycle", or to get a free composting bin, call 703-802-3322.


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