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November, 2003 Newsletter

NEW DIRECTORY. Being distributed along with this newsletter is a new association directory of residents. It contains many changes in names and in e-mail addresses, as well as updated information in pages 2 through 6. An added new feature is a copy of the entire directory sorted by street names and house numbers. We think you will find this useful in looking up names of neighbors. Alice Chambers and the block captains have worked hard to make the directory accurate and complete, a task that is always difficult, and we regret any errors or omissions. We have many new residents. Please make them welcome.

CHANGES IN ELECTRIC POWER DISTRIBUTION. For the information of those who did not receive the recent e-mail report on this subject from Arnold Braswell, here is some welcome news. In a meeting with Arnold and other association officers on October 30, Dominion Virginia Power officials stated that changes will be made in the next few months in the power distribution circuits for our community to improve the reliability of service. Our power will come from the substation near the intersection of I-66 and Sycamore Street in Arlington, rather than through the current feeder line that runs from a substation near CIA down Kirby Road then through some heavily-wooded residential lots across Maddux Lane and through Chesterbrook Woods. This line is very vulnerable to damage from falling trees and branches. The new feeder line runs along streets, where it is easier to keep trees trimmed and the lines are less susceptible to damage. The current line will remain live and will be used as a backup. We hope the new arrangement, to be completed in a few months, will reduce the frequency and length of outages.

BRUSH AND LEAF COLLECTION. The unprecedented quantities of logs and brush resulting from the recent storm have severely taxed the collection resources of the county. In our neighborhood many residents have waited much longer for brush pickups than they were led to expect initially. We hope that by the time you get this newsletter all of the brush will have been collected.
Those residents who have not subscribed for vacuum leaf collection by the county are reminded again that leaves should not be piled in the street and left there. They should either be bagged for regular Friday pickup by county trucks, or contractors should be hired to remove them. Leaves and other yard debris left in the streets over the winter are an eyesore and a hazard for vehicles and pedestrians.

MEMBERSHIP MEETING. A meeting of members is being planned for mid-March to elect officers, approve the 2004 budget and dues, and to deal with other issues. You will be informed of the date at least a month in advance. An official from Virginia Power will be present to describe the new power distribution plan and respond to your questions. The newly-elected Dranesville District Supervisor, Jean DuBois, will be invited to appear and speak to us.


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