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February 2003 Newsletter

An important membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18 in the Chesterbrook Elementary School Cafeteria. We will begin with a social hour starting at 7:30 PM with cookies, soft drinks and coffee. It will be an enjoyable opportunity for members to gather and renew acquaintances. The business meeting will begin at 8:00 PM. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend. We need a good turnout!

The meeting agenda is as follows:

  1. a. A presentation by Diane Pruner, Director of Professional Technical Studies for Fairfax County Public Schools, describing the many superb courses now available for students to equip them with knowledge and skills in a variety of career fields. Few residents of the county are fully aware of the diversity and quality of vocational courses now available in high schools and even in middle schools. Her presentation will be an eye-opener for many.
  2. Report on security incidents. Discussion of ways to enhance security. Are the patrols helpful? Officer Patrick Lucas, Neighborhood Security Coordinator in the McLean Police Department, will be present to answer your questions and offer advice.
  3. Snow removal discussion, led by Roger Nucho, chairman of the snow removal committee.
  4. Report on traffic studies and ongoing efforts to improve traffic safety.
  5. Report on construction plans at Woodley and Brookside.
  6. Responding to terrorism alerts or attacks. What’s the role of the association? Discussion.
  7. Treasurer’s report and proposed budget for 2003. Vote on budget.
  8. Vote on dues to be established for 2003.
  9. Report of the Nominating Committee. Election of 2003 Officers.
  10. New business.
In accordance with the bylaws the President appointed a nominating committee of three members to nominate officers for 2003. Betsy Brand chaired the committee. The committee’s nominations follow. Members may offer other nominations from the floor at the March 18 meeting.
President: Arnold Braswell    Vice-president: (To be announced at the meeting)
Secretary: Alice Chambers    Treasurer: Charles Hoyt

The Chesterbrook Woods patrol helps protect all of us, but fewer of our members are volunteering for it. A volunteer needs only to devote two hours of time once every six months or so to support the patrol. Most residents should surely have that small mount of time available. We all benefit. So we should all participate if possible. Please call Virginia Dillon at 536-8729 to let her know you are available, either for daytime or evening patrols. We also need schedulers and supervisors.

Attached to this newsletter are changes to the December 2002 Directory. Please file or post these in your directory. Future changes or corrections may be submitted by mail to Alice Chambers at 1431 Woodacre Drive or by e-mail to

In the future we will increase the use of broadcast e-mail messages to inform members promptly about security incidents, deaths or other significant matters. We have learned that many members appreciate getting timely reports of this nature. For such messages our web site manager Ellie LeBaron maintains a confidential list of e-mail addresses (messages are sent as blind copies, so your address isn’t displayed) which now includes over 40% of the residents in our community. We urge those members who have e-mail addresses not in the directory to send them to Ellie at if not already on the CWCA mailing list. And be sure to send her your new address if it should change. If you did not get a copy of this newsletter by e-mail, then you are not on the mailing list. This list will remain confidential and will be used only for meaningful communications from the association. You won’t be getting any junk mail. Information sent by e-mail may also be posted on our web site, By the way, Ellie expects to move later this year with husband Joseph to Mauritania, to which he has been nominated as Ambassador. She plans to manage our web site from Mauritania (!!), but we will need a member to maintain the confidential e-mail list and forward CWCA messages to members. Please call Ellie at 237-1898 if you are willing to provide this service, one that will be very valuable to all residents.

Some recent crimes and incidents remind us all to be alert and careful about protecting ourselves and our property. A truck was stolen from a Woodland Terrace driveway one night in late January. It was recovered within a few hours, parked not far away. In January a station wagon was stolen on Oak Lane and never recovered. In the 1500 block of Forest Lane one morning in late January a resident walking his dog observed a man attempting to open the basement window of a neighbor’s house. The man ran away upon being spotted. There were also some items recently taken from cars on Oak Lane and Woodman Drive. Recently a North Albemarle resident reported early morning footprints in the snow leading to her back door and then to the window of a neighbor.

These incidents highlight the need for all of us to be watchful and to report suspicious activities to the police. Remember that 911 is used only for emergencies such as a crime in progress. A suspicious activity or discovery of a recent crime is reported to the police using the number shown on page 3 of the CWCA directory (691-2131). Also, all residents are asked to report crimes or incidents to our Neighborhood Security Director, Tim Daley, at 241-0054 or e-mail: We want to keep a record of all incidents and inform members about them, both via e-mail and newsletters. Reminder: Keep your garage doors closed and keep the door from garage to house locked at night or when away. Another tip: When away from home for a week or more, with your car left behind, hide all your car keys or leave them with a neighbor so that anyone breaking into your house cannot use your keys to steal your car.

Finally, modern alarm systems are worth considering if you don’t have one and have security worries, and outside lights switched on by a motion detector are useful deterrents.

The duration and intensity of the recent storm hindered snow removal efforts everywhere. We regret that a few of you had to wait longer than usual to have your street plowed. However, our neighborhood had all streets open for traffic while others were still snowbound. We will have a discussion of snow removal procedures at the meeting.

A resident recently asked for names of painting and carpentry contractors who have provided good service to members. A list of service contractors submitted by residents was posted on our web site more than two years ago, but few if any names have been received since, and there are no painters or carpenters on the list. We ask that any resident who had a good experience with a service contractor provide the name, phone number and any comments to or to Alice Chambers at 536 3716.


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