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November 3, 2006 Newsletter

Great Halloween Party!
Lori Boerner and her team of volunteers directed a super, well-attended Halloween Party on Sunday, Oct 29. They deserve our thanks! Everyone had a great time!

Welcome, Newcomers!
We extend a cordial welcome to those who have moved in this year. To learn more about our Association check out our web site We want to include all newcomers in the new CWCA Directory about to be published. (See next paragraph).

New Directory
Association Secretary Nicki Watts is preparing a new Chesterbrook Woods directory and has sent partially-updated listings from the current directory to all block captains for correction and updating of names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Please inform your block captain if you have any corrections not previously submitted, and especially if you are a newcomer with no listing in the existing directory. Nicki has received listings for some newcomers but not all. If you don't know your block captain ask one of your neighbors or look on page 1 of the directory (two of those listed have changed, routes 14 and 23). The directory is distributed only to our residents and may not be used for any commercial purposes. It is a useful document for all and especially helpful for managing and conducting our neighborhood watch patrols. While inclusion of any resident's name and information is voluntary, we would like to have it as complete and accurate as possible.

Dranesville Dispatch
Dranesville District Supervisor Joan DuBois publishes a periodic Dranesville Dispatch with useful information on various subjects of interest to residents. For example, the latest Dispatch has a discussion of residential building height restrictions, a sore subject with some residents.

To receive the Dispatch via e-mail send a message to and ask to be placed on the mailing list. If you don't have e-mail you may call Joan's office at 356-0551 and ask to receive the Dispatch by postal mail.

Election of 2007 Officers
Betsy Brand, who has previously served as secretary and as president of CWCA, has agreed to chair the Nominating Committee that will nominate a slate of association officers for 2007 for election at the next membership meeting. Other committee members will be appointed soon. All officers serve for one year but may be re-elected. Your association president, Arnold Braswell, believes that after seven years in the position it is time to step aside and give another member the opportunity of serving as president. Any member (a resident who has paid 2006 dues) who wishes to volunteer for any one of the four officer positions (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) is invited to inform Betsy Brand by a postal note or by phone at 241-8456. Also, any member who wishes to recommend another member for nomination to an officer position is invited to contact Betsy. The persons nominated by the Nominating Committee will be communicated to the members at least two weeks prior to the membership meeting tentatively scheduled for the evening of Monday, March 19. If there are any conflicts with that meeting date that could affect a number of members please inform Arnold.

Fairfax County Tax Relief Program
The County Department of Tax Administration is offering to make a presentation on the tax relief program currently available to county homeowners who qualify. Homeowners may qualify if their gross household income does not exceed $72,000 and total net assets (not including home, furnishings and up to one acre of land) do not exceed $340,000. Chesterbrook Woods homeowners interested in receiving such a presentation are invited to inform our vice-president, Kevin Connelly, by e-mail or by phone at 237-5876. If a sufficient number are interested he will contact the Department of Tax Administration and attempt to arrange a presentation. Those who prefer to get information directly may call 324 4226 and ask for Desiree Baltimore, Manager of the Tax Relief Program.

a. Complaints have been received about failure of some dog owners to clean up after their dogs. Please remember to take a plastic bag and pick up droppings when you walk your dog, and make sure your kids do the same. It's a must if you intend to be a good neighbor.

b. Leaf season is here and snow season is coming. Those who don't subscribe for the county vacuum leaf removal service can bag your leaves for Friday pickup or hire a contractor to remove them. Please try to get all leaves removed from the street bordering your home before snow comes. We expect to have the same contractor again for snow removal and sanding. He will start plowing normally when the snow reaches a depth of two inches. Try to get you cars off the street if possible when snow is forecast, and make sure your kids stay off the street when snowplows are working.

c. We have been relatively free of thefts and vandalism lately, but it is important to be on guard. Promptly report crime incidents to the police, and then to our neighborhood security director, Tim Daley. Keep an eye on your neighbors' homes when they are away and call the County police dispatcher at 691-2131 to report suspicious activity; call 911 to report a crime in progress.

d. Traffic safety in our neighborhoods is always a matter of great importance. We have a lot of little kids. Please drive slowly (25mph or less) on our streets, observe the stop signs and keep reminding your young drivers to do the same. Report obvious speeders to the police if you can get a license number, giving location date and time. A cautionary letter will be sent to the registered vehicle owner.

e. All residents are reminded of the need for patrol drivers, who are called upon to patrol for two hours only a few times each year. Call Ione Braswell at 536-1681 or Virginia Dillon at 536-8729 to volunteer.

f. About 70% of residents have paid 2006 dues of $20 per household. It's not too late for those non-payers who wish to help pay the expenses of the Association. Charles Hoyt, our Treasurer, (phone 534 6266) will be glad to get your check payable to CWCA. Newcomers who moved in after 1 July need pay only $10.

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