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April 14, 2007 Newsletter

After eight years of very hard-working service for our neighborhood, Arnold Braswell decided to step down as President of CWCA. Thanks to Arnold for his tireless devotion and unending enthusiasm. Also, Tim Daley, has passed the reins as CWCA Security Director after eight dedicated years handling crime issues and serving as police liaison. Both Arnold and Tim will continue as active community participants as well as behind the scene resources for CWCA.

We have two newly created CWCA Committee positions for the term May 2007 – March 2008. If you are interested, please contact Lori Boerner (538-1711) by May 15th.
Student Rep – Open position (for high school student)

  • Seek out student involvement in Newsletters and at Annual Meeting
  • Rejuvenate “Young Entrepreneurs” section of website
  • Recruit and organize Halloween Party student volunteers
  • Gain valuable community service experience (college app/resume builder)
    Welcome Committee Director – Open position
  • Work with 29 Block Captains (covering 530 homes) to ensure all new residents are personally welcomed, informed about CWCA, given Directory, remit Dues, etc.

    Chesterbrook Woods Citizens Association
    Steering Committee
    (April 2007 – March 2008)
    Lori Boerner President 538-1711
    Kevin Connelly Vice-President 855-7403
    Nicki Watts Secretary 532-8296
    Charles Hoyt Treasurer 534-6266
    John Glowacki Security Director 533-0717
    Ione Braswell Neighborhood Watch Co-Chair 536-1681
    Virginia Dillon Neighborhood Watch Co-Chair 536-8729
    Edie Ashton Welcome Committee Co-Chair 534-3743
    Jessica Dovi Welcome Committee Co-Chair 536-2375
    Roger Nucho Snow Removal Co-Chair 237-3646
    Dave Stevens Snow Removal Co-Chair 531-0558
    Maureen Hurley Email List Manager 237-8236
    Ellie LeBaron Webmaster
    Bill Stephens McLean Citizens Association Rep 532-5915
    CWCA Website: (click on Chesterbrook Woods)
    CWCA Email:

    Thanks to all the residents at our March Annual Meeting and to our guests: Doug Bass, County Emergency Manager & Katharine Ryan, Legislative Aide, Dranesville District Supervisor. Topics:

  • Fairfax’s Emergency Management & Domestic Terrorism programs – Doug Bass
  • Snow Removal – Roger Nucho
  • Security/Crime/Neighborhood Watch – Tim Daley
  • 2006 and 2007 Budgets – Charles Hoyt
  • Appreciation Ceremony for Arnold Braswell and Tim Daley & Election of 2007 Officers

    2007 DUES NOTICE
    The Annual Dues are only $15! Please fill out the Dues Form and mail it with a check by May 15th (to Charles Hoyt, CWCA Treasurer, 1532 Woodacre Dr). CWCA thanks those residents that have sent in more than the minimum amount in the past. And, if you have not yet paid the $20 2006 Dues, please include that too for a total of $35. During this past year:

  • Did you see the plowed and treated streets during our Snowstorms in February?
  • Did you notice the Neighborhood Watch cars patrolling your street?
  • Did you attend the annual Halloween Party in Autumn Drive last October?
  • Did you use the Directory with contact info of your friends and neighbors?
  • Did you receive Newsletters at your home in April, November & March?
  • Did you appreciate the Emails with notification of neighborhood security breaches?
    If you answered YES to any of these, you experienced another year of CWCA benefits!
    In order for CWCA to continue providing these benefits, please send in your $15 Annual Dues.

    July 4th Pot-Luck
    If you are interested in helping with this event, contact Co-Chairs – Rachel Deutsch: 536-3269, & Bea Helguero: 536-4101.

    Halloween Party
    If interested in helping with this event, contact Co-Chairs - Michelle Joss: 534-2296, and Jennifer Versaw: 536-7154.

    A network of 50+ families with kids primarily 10 years and under holds social events, shares tips via a website and has Working Mom dinners, a Spanish playgroup and Weekday Mom/Toddler gatherings. Contact Lori Boerner at 538-1711.

    Check out and then, click on Chesterbrook Woods:

  • On the Home Page, you will see links to the Block Captains list, info on our Neighborhood Watch Program and Newsletters from 2003-on, among other things.
  • Under the Bulletin Board section, see resident-posted Notices, Young Entrepreneurs (for babysitting, dog-walking, etc.) and Service Providers recommended by your neighbors.
  • Go to our website to post a note or email To get on our confidential Email List for updates, contact

    Annual Directory – We are looking at including business ads in the Directory as was done for many years in the past. We would like to offer very reasonably-priced ads to residents who have their own businesses. Please email if interested.

    New Ideas/Events/Initiatives – If you have comments, email

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