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Useful Telephone Numbers

Problem Responsibility Phone
Police/Fire Emergency Fairfax Police/Fire 911
Rescue/Ambulance Fairfax Fire & Rescue 911
Animal Control Fairfax Police 703-691-2131
Animal Shelter Fairfax County 703-830-1100
Bus Information - County Fairfax Connector Center 703-339-7200
Citizens' Handbook Fairfax County 703-324-4636
Community Emergency Alert Network Fairfax County 703-817-7771
County Programs Info Fairfax County Info Desk 703-324-4636
Drainsville District Supervisor Fairfax County 703-356-0551
Fairfax County Info Line Fairfax County 703-324-7329
Fire Dept Non-emergency Fairfax Fire and Rescue 703-246-2126
Gypsy Moths Fairfax County 703-324-1770
Hazard on road right-of-way VDOT 703-383-8368
Hazardous waste disposal Fairfax County 703-324-5068
Metrobus Information Washington Metro 202-637-7000
Miss Utility - before digging   800-257-7777
Natural Gas Leaks, Fires Washington Gas 70-750-1400
Noise - Zoning Enforcement Fairfax County 703-324-1300
Police Non-Emergency Assistnce Fairfax Police 703-691-2131
Police Questions McLean Police Station 703-556-7750
Poison Information Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222
Potholes, Foliage Obstrctions VA Dept of Transportation 703-383-8368
Postal Delivery Questions McLean Post Office 703-734-6241
Power Outage or Street Lights Out Dominion VA Power 1-888-667-3000
Real Estate/Personal Prop Taxes Fairfax County 703-222-8234
Recycling Fairfax County 703-324-5052
Refuse Collection Fairfax County 703-802-3322
Sewer Stoppage Fairfax County 703-323-1211
Sidewalk/Trails Maintenance Fairfax County 703-934-2800
Snow removal VDOT 703-383-8368
Street name signs Fairfax County 703-934-2840
Streetlight Outage VA Dept of Transportation 888-667-3000
Telephone Line Repair Verizon 703-954-6222
Trash,Leaf, Recycling Collection Fairfax County 703-802-3322
TV, Internet, Cable Outages Cox Cable 703-378-4357
Water Supply City of Falls Church 248-5071
Virginia Agencies and Services State of Virginia 211
Voter Registration Informtion Fairfax County 703-222-0776
Water Supply Falls Church Water Utility 703-248-5071
Wildlife Rescue Wildlife Rescue League 703-440-0800
CWCA Officers    
President Nicki Watts 703-532-8297
Vice-President Kevin Connelly 237-5876
Secretary Patty Craley 703-241-9173
Treasurer Greg Hood 703-533-9263
Security Director Cabell Fooshe’ 703-534-5072
Snow Removal Director Roger Nucho 237-3646


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