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Welcome to Chesterbrook Woods!

If you are a new resident we warmly welcome you to our community. We consider ourselves a community with a special location. The rolling hills and wooded by-ways give this neighborhood a very natural, yet distinctive feel. Most of the 530 homes in our neighborhood were built by well-known Northern Virginia builders thirty or more years ago, yet we Chesterbrook in Spring have several newer additions in keeping with the locale. We chose to move here for many of the same reasons as you - great location, safe and friendly neighborhoods, good schools, and wooded lots. We hope you are able to get to know your neighbors and enjoy this special community.

Each block or defined area, called a route, has a resident who serves as the block captain. He or she may stop by to welcome you, or you may get in touch with your block captain to announce your arrival. One of your neighbors can give you the name and phone number. Your block captain will obtain a directory of residents for you, inform you about annual membership dues, and submit your name to the association secretary for inclusion in the next directory update. The block captains distribute our periodic newsletters, directory updates, and other communications to residents. We hope you will attend the membership meetings, normally held in the spring and fall and always announced in a newsletter beforehand.

Chesterbrook Once again, welcome from the Chesterbrook Woods Citizens Association!


The Chesterbrook Woods Citizens' Association (CWCA) is a voluntary association of residents of the Chesterbrook Woods subdivision located in the southeast portion of McLean in Fairfax County, Virginia. CWCA was established in 1956. Residents become members of the association by virtue of payment of the annual dues approved by the membership. Approximately 530 residences are located in the subdivision.

The activities of the association are governed in accordance with bylaws, which may be amended by vote of the members attending announced membership meetings. Meetings are conducted in accordance with Roberts' Rules of Order. There are no Virginia statutes governing the operation of voluntary civic associations such as CWCA.

House The objectives of the Association are to promote civic welfare and improvements affecting the community, including but not limited to matters such as county services, community health, sanitation, safety, police and fire protection, zoning regulations, schools, and utilities, as well as county and state legislation concerning such matters.

A useful program is prompt snow removal from neighborhood streets by a contractor under the supervision of the snow removal committee. Most of the dues money collected from members usually goes to pay for the snow removal program.

At the first membership meeting of each calendar year the members attending elect the officers of the association for the coming year, who are president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The officers, along with appointed committee chairmen, constitute the executive committee and are responsible for overseeing the affairs of the association in accordance with the bylaws.

The association secretary periodically publishes a newsletter with information of interest to members, including announcements of meetings and items to be discussed or voted on. Newsletters are distributed to members by designated block captains (See your directory for the name of your block captain). The block captains are responsible for reporting any concerns of residents in their assigned areas, advising new residents and informing the secretary of names of departing and arriving residents.

A CWCA directory, published periodically and distributed for member use only, contains the names, phone numbers and addresses of members who do not object to being listed.

Chesterbrook Woods has formed an Environmental Affairs Committee to help preserve the trees that define our neighborhood and other environmental concerns. Neil Ende has agreed to serve as Chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee. The committee will draft a Statement of Principles to be approved by CWCA members (e.g., support maintenance of tree growth, support planting of trees, and encourage builders to preserve old growth, etc.). If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email The committee would like for all neighbors, and particularly block captains, to alert the committee when a house comes up for sale and is slated as a tear down so that they can begin a dialogue with the builder. The committee is investigating how it can best create a covenant that could be used in a sales contract to help protect the trees on your property. Their listserv address

Chesterbrook Woods has formed a Hospitality Committee called the Pineapple Patrol which is responsible for welcoming new neighbors. If you are interested in serving, please email committee chair, Carol Johnson at


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