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2021-2022 DUES $15

The CWCA fiscal year has begun. With winter weather approaching, we are now READY to take your dues payments of $15 per household, and we thank the neighbors who have already paid! Whether you rent or own a home in the neighborhood, we encourage you to pay dues to help fund one of the most critical and largest uses of funds, to pay a private contractor to augment VDOT plowing so that our roads are quickly cleared of snow and ice.

You can pay your dues online via Paypal or by check:

1. Online – Log into Paypal and choose the “Send” option. Please designate as the email address. Please use the friends and family transfer method rather than the commercial transfer to avoid having PayPal charge CWCA a fee. Please include your name & CWCA street address so we can properly credit your household.

2. By Check—Send a $15 check made payable to “CWCA” to: CWCA Treasurer Susan Garrahan (address in directory). Be sure your check includes your CWCA street address so we can properly credit your household. Questions can be directed to

The Chesterbrook Woods Environmental Committee’s purpose is to identify and to address important environmental concerns in our community. The issues that we have addressed over the years include efforts to ensure that waste products are not put into our storm sewers (by placing “Do Not Dump” stickers on each storm drain), the drafting of a voluntary Contractor Pledge by builders to meet certain established environmental standards in their construction activities and a wide range of matters relating to the preservation of our historic tree canopy. In response to community concerns over the rapid pace of infill development and the associated loss of tree canopy, our current efforts are focused on community education, advocacy with the Fairfax County staff, our elected officials, community organizations and builders, as well as a range of tree preservation and tree planting initiatives.

If you agree and you haven’t already done so, we ask that you sign the Petition to Save McLean Tree Canopy. You can access the Petition by (clicking here). If you are considering a major renovation, rebuild or selling your home, we strongly encourage you to read the “Tree Conservation Advisory” (click here to view) drafted by the CWCA Environmental Committee. The Advisory provides useful information regarding your options to ensure that the trees on your property are preserved during a rebuild, renovation or sales process.

For more information on these and other issues and links to important resources, please visit the CWCA Environmental Committee page.

You can contact the CWCA Environmental Committee directly by email at To receive email updates about our meetings and other activities, join our ListServ by sending an email to: if you are interested in helping out.

Contractor Pledge Regarding Tree Protection

The county trash collection office (703-802-3322) has provisions for special pickups of brush or bulky items. A household in our community is entitled to four free pickups a year of bulky household items or brush. Each special pickup must be less than 6 cubic yards in volume. For special pickups of brush, limbs must be cut to six-foot lengths and no limb may be more than six inches in diameter. For more than four pickups a year or for a pickup exceeding the size limit of 6 cubic yards (about the size of a Volkswagen beetle), you may call and request a "MegaBulk" collection, for which you will have to pay. More information is given on the county web site.


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